If  you wake up one day, or your driving in your car and Tom Petty comes on on every station, you have a dream and you ask me to go and get pizza when I'm floating over a cliff, You get a whiff of my body lotion on your pillow case- and it makes you really smile, You find yourself rereading my old IM's or emails, you get all teary eyed watching The Jerk, you cant write because your mind wanders and you cant focus looking at your email box hoping it will say my name, You see my face when your spanking it and you get up and turn off the Asian porn because its not real its just plastic in a box and a real woman would just be so much nicer to share yourself with, IF you think of  how great it would make you feel to know that a couple times a year I could/would come and visit and we could cuddle on the couch and watch old movies together- me rubbing your feet while you grumbled, cupcakes depress you for no reason at all, you fall asleep thinking about me, you decide that I'm always right and that Snapple does kinda taste the way pee smells, you miss hearing my voice on the phone 856miles away, you spend long periods of silence thinking about how nice my name is coming out of your mouth when you take me, knowing that your nights off with out 80's night is just empty, picnics in the park under a cherry blossom tree eating birthday cake and the right Wawa sandwiches with your best friend and the person who loves and adores you more then anyone else on the stinking planet is on your top 5 things that genuinely would make you happy, you start to think that maybe women with curves aren't so godawful, knowing that someone lies awake at night and dreams of you - that that very same person loves your heart, your mistakes, Cherish's your personality, your smile, your insecurities,the way you smell, (except your socks we have to draw the line somewhere) your grumpy days,the way you write and what you write, your sense of humor, the bunny paintings you paint, your warts on your back and your port stain on your hand, your giant weird looking feet, your thinning hair,your voice (all the time) and loyalty and diligence.That your mom thinks Im the shit! (Dont forget to mow the lawn, but put gas in it first so you dont rip your rectum) that walks in the snow talking about other peoples lives and robbing trains is heaven.
IF you realize that this same person isn't half as neat as you and isn't perfect or even beautiful  , that you can share this small time in your life knowing that they breath on their own just fine (except that issue with asthma...) that they want to be with you any day you have free. Because that person believes that THIS is our time and its okay if its 0nly for awhile. Because ...Everything is.
Then you should pick up your land line and call me. You should take a fucking chance and hold my hand. Say you love me and mean it, if it feels good theres nothing wrong with it. I am not going to wait forever, but Ive already waited 4 years whats a couple more days?
6/19/2011 11:00:10

I have never been given a better insight into the mind of someone I could love so much. What I would give to be that person who smells any scent of her while my head is on my pillow. But who would I be to deserve something so incredible.

7/14/2012 05:10:13

nice post


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