5.0 out of 5 stars Torera !... Ole !!, June 15, 2011
By FightForTheSoul - See all my reviews This review is from: Torera (Paperback) R. Paul Sardanas has been blowing away readers all by himself with his previous novels and poetry compilations and has decided to branch out and collaborate with other writers. It appears to be a good decision that he chose Tisha Garcia to work with as I found their styles in Torera to not only be enticing but seamless. It appears to be Ms. Garcia's first major work, and like the bulls featured in the story, she comes charging hot out of the gates.

The measure of a great book is how it compares to the classics, and this novel has the look and feel of a lost Hemingway. Torera is a period piece and what I especially liked was the attention to detail. It's written with blunt honesty and disarming grace. It shines best when they capture the psychology behind what it's like to be corralled into an environment you don't want to be in, as seen when the main character is nudged by her mother into becoming a dancer.

Overall, I quickly found that the fiery passion behind this feminist narrative will suck you in, even if you know nothing about the world of bullfighting. If this is just a one-off between both authors then I will be really sad, as what they have is some great chemistry.
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